About Us

BOP Minicranes Limited was developed in 2018 for the Bay of Plenty region and beyond. The need for local Minicranes arose during onsite engineering work in Mount Maunganui. After much research and frustration at the lack of availability of Minicranes in the Central North Island, the idea to develop our own business arose.

BOP Minicranes Limited has put in extensive efforts to develop a fast, efficient, and safe service, that eliminates the need for large reaches to gain access to tight or interior situations; offering the benefits of the mini crawler crane to the building, construction, and development industries in the Bop Regions.

The business is based in a rural location in Pongakawa, in order to keep costs low, so we can supply the machines at competitive rates.

We are dedicated to helping with your project and are only a phone call away. We are happy to discuss your project needs, for whatever and wherever the machines are required.

Ben Thomas

Managing Director: Ben Thomas

I have over 20 years’ experience in structural steel erection and project management, working in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. Throughout my working history, I have worked in many aspects of the structural steel industry, including the building and implementation of sliding roofs, house builds, full building erection, and smaller local tasks. Over this time, my work has been featured on Grand Designs UK and I have been able to work alongside some great architects and engineers. Throughout my working history, I have worked with cranes in all forms, with years of rigging and load slinging experience, through to Sitesafe supervisors’ tickets

I have decided to move in to a business that can assist with other people’s projects, from the most difficult and unusual of jobs, to the simple lift and go. I am happy to assist your project where I can, just give me a call.

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